Meet the Partners of BCP: Kevin B. Perlberg, CFP®

By Kevin B. Perlberg, CFP®

Money, and how much or little you have, can significantly affect your quality of life. It determines what options are available to you, drives your decision-making, and can give you either security and confidence or headaches. I learned this lesson early on as I watched my family struggle financially. I came to the conclusion that I never wanted to be in that position again, and I also wanted to serve others so they would never have to struggle financially. 

I recognized early on in life that proper financial management was something many people struggled with, either because of a lack of time or lack of knowledge. Since I’ve always enjoyed working with numbers and finance, it seemed like a good fit to pursue a career in that field. Ultimately, I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional because I realized this is where I can have the biggest impact on people’s lives. 

First Career Steps

After studying business and finance in college, I started my career working for a local small business selling insurance and mutual funds. While this was enjoyable at first and it got my foot in the door of the financial world, I didn’t find it very challenging or rewarding. When the owner of the company offered the opportunity for employees to “buy in” as part owners, I decided this was my chance to strike out on my own. After receiving some advice from a mentor, and with some financial help from my parents, I took the leap and started my own firm. 

Branching Out 

Over the past 30 years, our firm has changed and evolved; but our core values and mission have not. We are committed to bringing unique solutions to our clients’ complex financial problems. Our team works primarily with physicians, business owners, and high-net-worth individuals and families all over the country. We have two branch offices in Wisconsin and Arizona. 

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, I specialize in using strategic wealth protection strategies to help my clients pursue their personal and business financial goals. My job requires me to wear many hats, but I enjoy this aspect of my job. I get to be the financial quarterback for my clients—collaborating with other financial professionals to bring all the pieces of their financial puzzle together so they can see the big picture.

The Best Part

One of the most fulfilling parts of my job is witnessing our clients achieve financial success. What sets us apart is while working for you to achieve your financial goals, we also strive to develop long-term relationships with each of our clients. This is what drives me to work hard at my profession, establishing these relationships and helping clients solve their unique problems and work within complex financial situations. It’s what we do best, and we want to utilize these skills to help our clients do what they do best. There is great satisfaction in helping people navigate their personal economy, which can lead to financial success. 

Want to Know More? 

Achieving financial success isn’t easy. There’s really no big secret, it simply requires hard work and specialized knowledge. Our clients already understand the value of hard work as this is what they do day in and day out in their professions. At Blackhawk Capital Partners, we provide specialized knowledge and expertise so you can have more time to focus on what matters most to you. 

If this sounds like something you are looking for, let’s have a conversation to see if we would be a good fit. Reach out to us by calling 262.242.4487 (WI office) or 480.320.4736 (AZ office) or emailing We can’t wait to hear from you!

All investing involves risk and there is no guarantee that any strategy will be successful.

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