Tax Reform

On Wednesday, December 20th, Congress passed the broadest tax reform in a generation and we expect President Trump to sign it into law by week’s end. We have identified ten important provisions in the new legislation and how they may impact your taxes.

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Disability Insurance

Financially, a disability is significantly more expensive than death. With a disability, income is reduced or eliminated and expenses increase. It makes sense to protect yourself and your family when the cost is low. Many physicians and other successful business professionals overlook one of the most significant threats…

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Asset Protection: Exempt Assets

Shrewd investors maximize the use of exempt assets in a portfolio. Exempt assets are those which cannot be claimed in a lawsuit such as a primary residence, alimony, annuities etc.. Exempt assets are considered to be great asset-protection tools because…

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The Sliding Scale of Asset Protection

Asset-protection advisors measure the legal protection afforded a client’s assets by using a sliding scale. This scale represents a continuum of protection. Some assets are completely unprotected and others are highly protected.

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Asset Protection During Divorce

A little financial planning can go a long way toward making sure that divorce does not completely disrupt a family’s finances. Divorce is one of the most common and serious threats to financial security in the United States.

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New Year Tax Planning

While most tax-planning articles are published at year end, we realize that it is beneficial to taxpayers to begin their planning as early as possible. We offer a number of suggested actions you can take at the beginning of this year that can reduce your tax burden.

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Asset Protection

Along with earning power and retirement accounts, the home is often the family’s most valuable asset. Beyond its financial worth, the home often has significant emotional value. Many clients who engage in asset-protection planning often begin with the question: “How can I protect my home?”

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Investment Strategy

Blackhawk Capital Partners values long term relationships with our clients. We recommend personalized investment strategies. Each investment strategy has a blended benchmark which we seek to beat over the long term. We manage strategies covering the full range of investment objectives which allows us to specifically address individual client needs.

Targeted Results

Our targeted results:

  • Enhanced Wealth
  • Increased Cash Flow
  • Reduced Tax Liability
  • Improved Security
  • Lowered Expenses

Blackhawk Capital Partners uses a results oriented process of identifying and capitalizing on successful planning opportunities. We measure success based on our results.

What Financial Documents Should You Keep On File?

  • Investment Statements
  • Bank Statements
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Mortgage Statements
  • Social Security Benefit Statements

You might be surprised how many people have financial documents scattered all over the house – on the kitchen table, underneath old newspapers, in the hall closet, in the basement. If this describes your financial “filing system,” you may have a tough time keeping tabs on your financial life.

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