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    Monthly Economic Update

    Mid-Life Money Errors

    Beware of these financial blunders and assumptions.

    • Do you think you need to invest with more risk?
    • Are you only focusing on building wealth rather than protecting it?
    • Have you made saving for retirement a secondary priority?
    • Do you assume your peak earning years are straight ahead?
    • Is your emergency fund now too small?

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    Estate Planning Mistakes

    Too many wealthy households commit these common blunders.

    • Doing it all yourself
    • Failing to update your will or trust after a life event
    • Being too vague with your heirs about your plan
    • Failing to consider what will happen if you and your partner are unmarried
    • Leaving a trust unfunded (or underfunded)
    • Ignoring a caregiver ulterior motive
    • Appointing a co-trustee

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