What We Do

Blackhawk’s Niche

Blackhawk Capital Partners is a tactical wealth management firm; focused on physicians, athletes, business owners, high net worth families, executives of public companies, $500,000+ in investable assets, $2M+ in household net worth and professional advisors. We manage strategies covering the full range of investment objectives which allows us to specifically address individual client needs. We provide unbiased and sophisticated advice that evolves with the investment landscape and client objectives.

Our strong commitment to endless education in the complicated areas of tax planning and asset management is what sets our specialized team of professionals apart.

Our CORe Wealth Solutions™ employ a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach, cutting through core issues and uncovering the planning opportunities available in your personal economy.

Outperform Over Time

Each investment strategy has a blended benchmark which we seek to beat over the long term.

Reduce Volatility

We seek to achieve our objectives while managing volatility by reducing risk. This results in a smoother ride and a less volatile experience for clients.

Add Value in All Markets

Blackhawk Capital values long term relationships with our clients. The lifespan of these relationships typically encompass several market cycles, we aim to add value in all market environments.

Transparent Asset Management

In today’s turbulent global economy, transparency and liquidity are essential. We utilize a low-cost model and focus on wealth preservation by measuring risk tolerance and identifying values. Our team of investment professionals has over seventy years’ experience delivering needs-based asset management.

Proactive Tax Planning

A great way to increase your wealth is by reducing your tax burden. We work with your team of professionals to proactively monitor and implement prudent tax solutions through out the year, by utilizing the tax code as a guide to help increase your cash flow as well as your net worth.

Compliant Asset Protection

Taxes and litigation are the two biggest threats to your wealth. We employ risk management strategies to help insulate your wealth from creditors. Click here to learn more about the benefits of asset protection.

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