Wealth Planning Solutions

Transparent Asset Management:

In today’s turbulent global economy, transparency and liquidity are essential. We utilize a low-cost model and focus on wealth preservation by measuring risk tolerance and identifying values. Our team of investment professionals has over seventy years’ experience delivering needs-based asset management.

Proactive Tax Planning:

A great way to increase your wealth is by reducing your tax burden. We work with your team of professionals to proactively monitor and implement prudent tax solutions through out the year, by  utilizing  the tax code as a guide to help increase your cash flow as well as your net worth.

Compliant Asset Protection:

Taxes and litigation are the two biggest threats to your wealth. We employ risk management strategies to help insulate your wealth from creditors. Click here to learn more about the benefits of asset protection.


*Neither United Planners, Blackhawk Capital Partners nor its financial professionals render legal or tax advice. We work with you and your tax and legal counsel to assist you with your estate plan.