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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” — Benjamin Franklin

Our knowledge and commitment to educating ourselves in the complicated areas of tax planning and asset management delineate our team of professionals. Blackhawk Capital Partners strives to provide its’ clients with educational tools that point them down a path to a future with enhanced wealth, increased cash flow and improved security.

Contract Basics: Part Two

Imagine if you rightfully terminated an employee and that person turned around and sued you. Your success in the ensuing trial would depend almost entirely on the quality and characteristics of the contract that you signed with that person when you...
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The Ins & Outs of Life Insurance

When it comes to life insurance, there are many options. You may have heard terms like “whole life insurance,” “term insurance,” or “variable insurance,” but what do they really mean? And what are the differences between them?
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Who Needs Estate Planning?

Rich or poor, when you die, you leave behind an estate. For some, this can mean real property, cash, an investment portfolio and more. For others, it could be as straightforward as the $10 bill in their wallet and the clothes on their back. Either way, what you leave behind when you die is considered to be your “estate”.
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What Financial Documents Should You Keep On File?

You might be surprised how many people have financial documents scattered all over the house – on the kitchen table, underneath old newspapers, in the hall closet, in the basement. If this describes your financial “filing system,” you may have a tough time keeping tabs on your financial life.
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Will Baby Boomers Ever Truly Retire?

Baby boomers realize that their retirements may not unfold like those of their parents. New survey data from The Pew Charitable Trusts highlights how perceptions of retirement have changed for this generation. A majority of boomers expect to work in their sixties and seventies, and that expectation may...
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Investing Internationally

If domestic stocks are performing ably, why invest elsewhere? When the S&P 500 is returning double digits, it may seem unnecessary to include shares from foreign companies in your portfolio. While it may not be necessary, it could be a savvy move.
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The Strong Dollar: Good or Bad?

You may have heard that the dollar is “strong” right now. You may have also heard that a strong dollar amounts to a headwind against commodities and stocks. While there is some truth to that, there is more to the story. A strong dollar does not necessarily rein in the bulls, and dollar strength can...
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Why Well- Diversified Portfolios Have Lagged the S&P

Diversification is essential, yet it comes with trade-offs. Investors are repeatedly urged to allocate portfolio assets across a variety of investment classes. This is fundamental; market shocks and month-to-month volatility may bring big losses to portfolios weighted too heavily in one or two classes.
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Contract Basics: Part One

Strong, well-constructed contracts are the bedrock of sound business dealings. Every business will have contracts with employees, vendors, those among executives, or other types. Contracts are used to define the parameters of acceptable conduct by...
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